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Why SafeCare?

SafeCare is a locally owned business that offers safety and security solutions with unrivaled customer service, swift response, and attention to detail. With over 250 years of combined experience, SafeCare technicians are highly skilled and specialized in their respective fields. We provide 24-hour emergency service and technician support, tests and inspections, sales and consulting throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

Your Undercover Experts

Here’s the thing about the SafeCare team: we don’t always look the part. That’s OK, not everything is always as it seems. Like the patch of black ice on the sidewalk, or the elegant light fixture with the equally vintage cloth-covered wiring, or the tree growing on top of your sewer pipes. Danger comes in many forms; fortunately, so do the services SafeCare provides. It’s like that old adage: not all heroes wear capes—sometimes they drive the white and teal vans.

Don’t take our word for it…

"SafeCare feels like family, and I actually enjoy going to work every day. Feeling secure in job is a great feeling."

Amanda Bornstein

"For me, starting at SafeCare with very little knowledge of the services offered, to "mastering" the position I was hired for, to learning aspects of the other departments' services and procedures, to being promoted to a Supervisor role has been incredibly fulfilling."

Shelby Ausbrooks

"SafeCare is a family. It's not a huge company. Everyone knows everyone. All the benefits, fair raises, company parties/outings, fellow co-workers, No matter what the issue is they will help you to figure it out."

Kristin Reid

"I have worked for SafeCare since 2010 and it has been a phenomenal place to work. I started with zero experience. They trained me, invested in me, grew me, stuck with me during hard times personally and work related, and advanced me far beyond where I ever dreamed I'd be… SafeCare feels like home because it is home."

Justin Dombrowsky

The Executive Team

Meet the people that are charged with keeping you safe and safeguarding the culture that has made us so successful.

Devon Brewer

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

John Lorentzen

VP of Administration

Erick Seedorf

VP of Electronics Division

Justin Dombrosky

VP of Fire Safety

Dustin Medina

VP of Sprinkler & Plumbing Division Manager

Mark Hamann

VP of Generator & Electrical Division

Ron Henschen

VP Kitchen & HVAC Division

Art Mamot

VP of Sales & Marketing

Michael Parsons

VP of Business Development

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