Communication Error between Fire Panels and the 800 Number it is mapped to!

There is a communication error between fire panels located in facilities and the 800 number it is mapped to. We are diligently working with the utility company to resolve this issue. If your fire alarm goes off, please follow facility protocol which is to call 911 and dispatch the fire department.

(This notice will be removed from the website once the issue is resolved)

"Protecting Property, Protecting People"

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Every year there are over 95,000 commercial structure fires and over 560,000 incidences of non residential burglary and larceny occur in the United States accounting for over 4 billion dollars in losses.

60.5% of burglaries are forcible entry.  A good security system is a powerful deterrent to this type of burglary.

At SafeCare we have all the security, and fire, solutions you need to protect your home: door/window transmitters, glass-break detectors, motion sensors, pull stations, and a wide array of heat and smoke detectors. All of these services are monitored 24 hours a day. You can even arm and monitor your systems from an internet enabled smart phone or computer.


* Source: National Fire Protection Association Fire Loss in the U.S. 2012.
** Source: Crime in the United States, 2012

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