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SafeCare is a Registered Trade Ally with Duke-Energy, IPL, Indiana Michigan Power and most REMC’s.

Most Utility Companies offer very generous rebates to replace those “Wattage Vampires” (Metal Halides) that make your meter spin out of control to LED Lighting interior and exterior. Utility companies do not advertise that they are giving away money to help you reduce your utility bill so, many businesses replace worn out bulbs & ballasts without realizing that the utility company would have paid for ½ the project.

A general rule, replacing Metal Halide lights with LED’s reduces energy usage by around 70%.

We do have a finance option that in many cases without shelling out any up-front money, we can install the new lights, let the energy savings pay the bill and have a positive cash flow.

As part of SafeCare’s service we take care of properly filling out and submitting all of the rebate forms for our customers.

Please contact Lloyd Eells at lloyd.eells@safecarecorp.com, or 317-432-2229, for more information.


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